About Samar Moters and Auto Pvt Ltd.

The new name for high performance service. We are the one of the optimum service center of commercial vehicles. On spot service and lots of facilities available for our customers. Drivers from anywhere in India can feel comfortable while talking to our operators, and describe their requirements with ease. What this means is that the vehicle downtime is reduced significantly and high performance is always guaranteed.

Our customer care no is available 24X7 provides extremely reliable advice and immediate support anytime and anywhere for Trucks and Buses. Drivers just have to call the numbers and ask for assistance.

To operate and manage an integrated services for public transport system

Contact us - 9708369000, 9708355000

Vision & Mission

When there is faith and victory in the mind, success can be gained. If the thoughts are weak, there is defeat.
Do not allow anything to be an obstacle. See everything as a stepping-stone to victory.
It is better to make use of a chance to change rather than try to change your chances.
The more you enjoy putting in good efforts, the greater will be your happiness of receiving the fruits of those efforts.
We all must face problems, but is how you face them that counts.
Remember that you are very special. NO ONE can play your role better than you.


Be the most profitable dealership for SML ISUZU in India To adopt and adapt as per environmental changes and demands (add on more services, better range etc.)
Move into new areas before competition does (faster deliveries, better financial assistance)
Understand and respect each team-member as an individual and part of the SML ISUZU family

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SML Isuzu Limited (SMLI) is a trusted and reliable commercial vehicle manufacturer since 1985. It has over 25 Years of experience in producing Light & Medium commercial vehicles to meet the Indian customer needs. SMLI is a first company to manufacture and supply state of the art fully built Buses, Ambulances and customized vehicles. | Bus & Truck Maintainance Service. know more visit http://smlisuzu.com/