Dealership Standard

Core Values



The basic principles outlined on the Sales and Service Standard of SML ISUZU are based on courteous and right attitude of each and every member of the team.
Having understood the basic standards, we at Samar Moter agree not only to abide by the same, but hope to introduce some values other dealers would want to emulate.
The shared value in out agency is treating the customer, not as a one-time customer but as a Life Time Value customers.
Although one customer might buy just one vehicle from us, if his treatment had been by the standards set by SML ISUZU he'll be back for accessories, spare parts (of course), replacement/up gradation, customer-get incentives / schemes.
To really share these standards and values, down the line starting from the very top Samar Moter. proposes to follow these directives strictly.
For we believe, that every satisfied customer is a highly credible salesperson for our products.

Develop Staff Commitment


Intensive, active involvement at all levels, with the senior management exemplifying the same.
People orientation - not just tell them how to behave, but also why its important to do so.
It's easy to lay down standards, but to get the team to commit to the same, we need to prove & explain to them why it should be done.
Once the team understands why and how they work, simple, easy to follow checklist of the expected behavior will be provided to each team- member.
High intensity of measurement & feedback. Senior member initially rating every contact and explaining to the team member what he did was right or wrong. And more importantly, immediate action points to get back to the said standards.
At the end of every month / quarter, the most - courteous's member award would be given to keep the efforts on-going.
Efforts finally always result in becoming a way-of-being without having to try- just a reflex and these standards are what we hope to achieve as just the way-of-being.
Random checks with prospect/customer on his/her in shop experience will be conducted. Any complaint or dissatisfaction will be dealt with seriously with the erring team member.

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